“We’re okay”

I hate being sad, I hate mourning. I hate crying. It brings everything down. It’s hard to be good company and putting a smile on is the worst. It’s even harder when someone asks how you’re doing. How do you respond? And when they know what’s wrong, what do you say? When someone says “Sorry” you know they are trying to empathize, but you really have no response. You can’t say “it’s okay”  because you know it’s not.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a roller coaster of emotions finding out we were pregnant again. Eventually it all settled on excitement. We were ready for this baby even though it meant a lot of things would change. Our two youngest would only be 18 months apart!

Everything was perfect, we were starting to get ready for our new addition. Telling close friends and family. We were hoping for a girl we started thinking of names (if it was a boy we already had a name, but we were really wanting a girl). I even started that lovely morning sickness. It felt good to be pregnant again. Until Sunday night.

I started spotting. I was horrified. I had just accepted this baby as our own. Why was the Lord taking her away from me?  

Since previously having a miscarriage, I was concerned about the bleeding, but this one felt different. I needed a professional oppinion to ease my worrying. On Labor Day I called the nurse hotline. The nurse couldn’t confirm it was a miscarriage and told me to see a doctor within the next 72 hours.

After calling around to about 15 different offices, I finally found an office that was able to see me the next day. 

Tuesday, David and I went with heavy hearts hoping it was just a little bit of bleeding I have been told is sometimes normal during pregnancy. 

As we entered the ultrasound room, we held our breath. There she was, at 5 cm long, a strong heartbeat and nothing short of perfect. We sighed a breath of relief. Our baby was fine. There’s was no explanation why the blood had started as everything looked fine. After a quick discussion with the doctor, we had hope that everything was going to be okay. Our baby was going to live. 

The next day, I continued as normal like I was instructed to do. About 2:30 in the afternoon, I have birth to our beautiful baby. At only 6 weeks and 5 days, she passed peacefully into our lovingly Heavenly Fathers arms. 

I cannot express the sorrow we feel right now. I cannot tell you how much it hurts to hear your child’s heartbeat and be told it will most likely be alright when it ends up not. I cannot put into words what it feels like to lose someone you love so much. All I can say is it hurts. 

Death sucks. It sucks to lose your child, no matter how long you carried or held her. Greiving hurts. No matter how you try to smile, on the inside it still tears you apart.

I know Heavenly Father has a plan for me. I know He loves me, my husband and my now 4 children. I know He takes care of all of us, even those He felt needed to come home early. I know my sweet baby was welcomed by so many people I love and care for. I know I will hold her in my arms again someday. I have great faith that this was meant to be. I am honored to be her mother on earth and to carry such a sweet soul for these past 6 and a half weeks. I especially know that families are forever and I am eternally sealed to my two angel babies. I anxiously wait for the day I can hold them again. 

However, with all that said, I will miss my sweet baby. I will miss not being able to hold her in my arms for the first time. I will miss not being able to see her first breath. I will miss not bringing her home to her two big brothers. I will miss watching her grow to become a strong independent woman with a firm faith in our Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I will miss raising her. Most of all I will miss watching her wrap David around her tiny little finger that first day he holds her. 


Vegetarian Lasagna

1 package of noodles
1/2 cup of vegan mayonnaise
1 package of shredded parmesan cheese
1 package of mozzarella
4 cups of fresh spinach chopped up
3 cups of almond milk (original)
15 oz of spaghetti sauce

Preheat oven at 375°F.

Cook noodles per package instructions.

While cooking Shred mozzarella. Combine mozzarella, chopped spinach, mayonnaise, and almond milk until it’s the consistency of cottage cheese.

Take a 13×9 pan and oil it.

Layer bottom with 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce then 4 noodles. Continue on this order: 1/2 cup of cheese sauce, 1/2 cup of spaghetti sauce, 4 noodles.

Separation in a Relationship is Hard, but Worth it.

It has been sometime since I’ve made a post. My husband says I need to write again so look where I am!

I have so many thoughts running through my head, but I think the one I really wanna talk about is being separated for sometime in a relationship.

I have dated long distance, and it’s never been fun. However, there is something different about marriage and being away from each other for a period of time. I feel like there are several things that pertain to this and if we keep to them, the results are incredible.

Marriage is a stronger bond. At least it should be. When you say your vows and promise to support each other through the thick and thin of things, your life changes. (My wedding wasn’t quiet a normal one, as I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Mormons. If you would like to know more about our weddings, where we vow to be together for time and eternity, please click here.) You go from worrying and thinking only about moi to the two of you. Your mind set changes. You aren’t looking anymore for those cute single people to date, but know every Friday you have a hot date waiting for you. You start to learn things from your spouse that you thought you couldn’t. You also learn to live with someone and their possible annoyances, but you learn to accept and get over them. You grow together as life progresses.

Commitment to your cause. Whatever the reason you are away from your spouse you have to be 1000% committed to it. Whether it’s work related or family related or maybe something completely different, you need to know that this is right for you and your spouse at this time in your marriage. I am now a proud wife of an Airman. This means I will not have my husband by my side all the time as deployments come and as he is going through tech school or Basic Military Training. However, the both of us are committed to this change and know that it is for the better good of our family and ourselves. Having this knowledge makes it much easier being apart. As well as having that commitment to why we are separated makes things just that much easier.

Have an outlet. You need something to keep you happy, but also something or someone to talk to when it gets rough. During Basic Training I was unable to email, text or talk (only certain times) for 8 weeks. He didn’t have access to his phone or internet. The only way we could communicate was writing letters. With this little communication I would have harder days than others, but I didn’t want to burden him with my worries as he was going through so much as it was. So I decided to write a journal. Everyday I wrote to my husband in it. I was completely honest. I have entries I was mad at why he was gone or sad that he was missing so much of our son growing up. After he graduated I gave it to him. It is one of his treasured items. He loves seeing how I grew and that I had some sort of outlet to get all my feelings out. You may need something different. Do what is best for you.

Have Faith. If you are not at all religious you can skip this part.
If you have previously read my blogs then you know I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints or Mormon. I am deeply religious and rely heavily on my God for everything. I know He guides me to the right paths that help mold me into the daughter He wants and knows I am capable of becoming. Because of this faith I have relied on Him as my husband and I have been apart. If you are religious, then make sure you lean heavily on your God and religion during your time of separation. This will help guide you in times of need and heart ache.

Live Your Life. It is hard to go on with out your spouse by your side, however if you don’t continue your day to day activities you will go crazy! I found the days I had nothing planned and sat around took longer and were harder on me. If I made sure I had a plan, went out and enjoyed myself, time seemed to fly by. You must do the same. Your spouse will be much happier knowing you didn’t wait around for them, that you decided to accomplish something and grow yourself as your significant other did as well.

Find a Hobby. What do you like to do? What projects have you been putting off? Have you been wanting to try something new but haven’t had the time? DO THEM NOW! It is a great time to get those things done! You have less distraction while your spouse is gone and more free time. Pick up something new if you don’t have a project or hobby! This will keep you occupied as well as feel accomplished when your spouse returns to you.

Continue to Love. Even though you are away from one another, find ways to keep that fire burning. Whether it’s a phone call a day, texting, Facebook messaging, a Skype date, letter writing, emailing, sending care packages or visiting when you can DO THEM. It will continue to keep your focus on your spouse and the bond the two of you share. Don’t let that fire diminish while you are apart. This is a hardship that your relationship can grow and thrive in if you continue to put forth the efforts needed to keep it alive.

I have been through a short time of being away from my husband, but I can honestly say we have become stronger, closer and more in love with the distance we have been apart. There is nothing like seeing your spouse after time being apart. I can honestly say that sticking to these principles has strengthened my relationship, I ask you to let it strengthen yours as you go through being apart. You will love the end result.

Above All

My country ’tis of thee
Sweet land of liberty
Of thee I sing…


I have always loved this song from the time I was a little girl. It normally brings me to tears as I am proud to live in this great country. Today, however, I am learning what is truly given for us to be free.

Many have loved our country enough to defend our freedoms and some have even given their lives. Many families have been separated while spouses, children, parents or siblings have left to defend our rights and freedoms. Because of the sacrifices they have made, we are still a free country.

We are in a day and age where we have few worries if another country takes away those freedoms by going to war. And yet we still have families sacrificing to make sure that our country stays free.

I saw a statistic the other day, and I am unsure how true it is, but it said 98% of Americans will wake up and enjoy their freedom but only 2% will wake up and defend it. And I am now proud to say my husband has joined that 2%. As a family we have joined that 2% with him.

It has been a bigger sacrifice than initially thought. We have only just begun this journey, but learning about what we, as a family, are now apart of has made me realize that not only are wonderful men and women sacrificing their lives, but the families they leave behind are sacrificing right along with them.

I have a good friend I was discussing this with and she told me something I hope to never forget. She told me that when someone comes up and thanks her husband for his service, she knows part of that goes to her and her family. She told me that when people say a prayer for those that are serving in the military that some part of that prayer goes to the families and the sacrifices they are giving to bless them in a time of need. She said that when the sacrifice seems to get too hard that those prayers are what get her through.

We so often thank the men and women in the military, but forget how much the spouse and children give up to support them. I am so grateful for the men and women in the military, don’t get me wrong. I could never do what they do on a daily basis. However, I am so grateful for the amazing families supporting their career and decision to defend our beautiful home country. I have a new found respect for them.

From now on, when I see a military personnel with family I will thank the one that is serving for their willingness and sacrifice to serve. Then I will turn to their family and thank them for the sacrifice and support they have given our troops.

Mission call, returning home, visits and catching up

A lot has happened since I have last posted. I have been forgetting to write it all down, but no longer!

This past weekend my brother-in-law, Harrison, has returned home from his two year mission he served for my church (lds/mormon) in Brazil. He spoke Portuguese for those two years teaxh the people there about Jesus Christ and his message to us. I am so proud he had an honorable mission and is a fantastic example to my brothers and his other siblings to do the same. It was fantastic to see him come home and how excited every one was to see him. It was also the first time William and Harrison met. When Harrison left I was 4 months pregnant with William. William was nervous at first around Harrison but very quickly realized he was family and a new awesome uncle.


He is trying to get back into the swing of normal life and what he should do. But I have faith it will all work out for him.

The second exciting thing that happened this weekend was my sister-in-law, Tawnymara, receive her mission call. Because of the advances in technology, we were able to see her open her mission call over google hangout while she was in Utah. She was called to serve in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin mission, English speaking. She is to report to the MTC (missionary training center) July 15! So soon! We are so excited for her to begin this adventure!! What a fantastic missionary she will make. Those is Wisconsin will be blessed by her amazing spirit and incredible love of God.

Another fun item that has happened is we were able to spend time with David’s grandma, Angel. She came to visit from Wyoming for a little over a week. It was so fun to have her in our home
William immediately fell in love with her and almost wouldn’t leave her side.


She was able to see Harrison return home from his mission as well as Tawny receiver her call. It was great to have her around during this exciting weekend.

We are starting to pack out home up and get some painting done before the new renters move in. It is a lot of work to do! You never realize how much stuff you’ve accumulated until you start packing!

We will be moving out June 27th, only 3 weeks away. It’s a little sad to leave this area. As a family we have come to love it and the people we have met.

We have moved my kitty into my parents home. She is an only indoor cat and were worried she might get out during the move. Also I am now unable to do the kitty litter being pregnant and all…. She is doing great in her new home and is trying to befriend the other house cats. She is also being spoiled.


I am also proud to say I finished my first family portrait for a friend. It was the first time I have done a family rather than a couple. Children were new to me, but I am satisfied with the way it turned out.


I am now 19 weeks pregnant and next Friday we will be finding out the gender! I am very excited and David is having a hard time waiting so long. But it is his Father’s day gift, so he’ll have to suck it up and wait. (Love you babe!) We are going to have a family gender reveal party, which I am so excited for! It will be fun tob have the whole family there to celebrate with us.

I believe that is all our exciting updates. I am now caught up! Wahoo! I he to check this off my to-do list. 😉

Plot Twist! Hint… We’re Moving, and We Don’t Know Where


Photo Credit: Judi – Our neighbor

A normal question you hear when getting to know someone is “what are your plans for the next couple years?” We knew that answer perfectly. David loves his budding career as a consultant with FlexPAC, the best family owned company in the region. Our family is growing, one kid down and one on the way and we’re looking forward to the next 3 or 4 who get to grow up in our beautiful home. I’m going to remain a stay-at-home mom with my side enjoyments of painting, wedding planning, and maybe even begin training as a prenatal yoga instructor.

A while back David’s cousin, Cody, moved in with us for a while with the goal of entering the military. David accompanied him to a few of his army recruiter meetings and a couple weeks later David had a very interesting question for me:

What if I join the Military?


He’s joking!.. Right? Could we actually become a military family, and me a military wife? How could I raise a family with David gone for months at a time? There’s no way we could afford such a big pay cut, and David couldn’t handle the thought of being away from family for so much time.

For weeks we couldn’t get it off our minds. David has wanted to find some way to serve the country for years. We live in the greatest country there is and she’s suffering right now. There has to be more we can do than sit at home and complain about the current state of affairs.

Since we couldn’t shake the feeling that David was meant to serve in the military we dove into research and began sitting down with each military branch. Army, Marines, Navy, and then the Air Force. As it began feeling like more of a possibility we went to our Bishop for further spiritual guidance. After sharing our thoughts and feelings he gave us the council to attend the temple before we made the final decision.

On January 17th, for our 2 year wedding anniversary, we attended the temple with both our families. David received a priesthood blessing beforehand from his father that said God wanted him in the military, and while attending the temple that was strongly confirmed to both of us. It was decided.

A couple more months of study, prayer, talking to family in the military, and meeting with recruiters finally led us to the branch David would be serving in. He was to become an airman in the United States Air Force, and I an airman’s wife.

Lose 20 pounds, rock the ASVAB, swear in at MEPS, and boom! My husband is officially an airman 🙂


We know where we are meant to serve, even if we don’t exactly know why, and despite the unknowns we feel excited and ready for what the Lord has planned. David will be reporting to basic training July 7th and from there only God knows where we will end up. What an amazing change of plans, and what a blessing to serve in the world’s greatest military.

A New Way to Watch Your Favorite ‘Bad’ Movies

Language, violence, nudity, substance abuse, and sexual content can now be found in an incredible amount of movies. It seems that ratings aren’t meaningful anymore. You can go see a PG-13 movie and find a little more than you bargained for.

There are websites out there that will tell you exactly how many GD’s were said or F-bombs or sexual content that will be in a movie. It’s nice to know these things so they can weigh in on the decision of watching the movie or not. But what if it’s a movie you have been dying to see?

My husband and I have run into this problem more times than we can count. We watch a trailer, or hear from a friend how incredible a movie is, then one of two things happen: we find out it’s rated “R” (this rating we do not watch), or it is “PG-13” and there is too much language or violence, or sexual content for us to feel comfortable to watch. For a couple of years this has been heart breaking for us. The Matrix, Inception, 300, The Monuments Men, and on and on and on. Until about 8 months ago.

We finally hit the jackpot and looking high and low for a good editing service!


This is a website, a Google Chrome app, and a Roku app that will edit videos AS you stream them. That means you get to pick what is left and what is taken out of your HD streaming movie, and often for less than renting or buying from a regular box store or Redbox.

This company was started by two brothers (the Harmon Brothers) from Idaho that grew up in a Christian home. The Harmons had a hard time with shows and movies that had inexplicable content. First they created this for for just their own families, but then realized there were other families out there that struggle with the same thing.

We have enjoyed watching movies like Interstellar (PG-13), The Matrix series (R), The Monuments Men (PG-13), Defiance (R) and anything else we want. Awesome or what?!

And one of my favorite things is that you are able to address how much content you want to see. If listening to certain profane words don’t upset you, you can set VidAngel to not bleep those words out. Or if a certain amount of violence is acceptable to you, make those changes. It is completely customizable.

We are HUGE movie people and this free service has made it possible to watch our favorite movies guilt free for less than we would be spending anywhere else. Renting for 1.50 or 2.00 a night and purchasing our favorites for way less than most other places. This quickly replaced VUDU for us as our main movie source.

VidAngel has been such a blessing in our lives. We are able to uphold our standards, yet enjoy movies and TV shows without having to watch things we didn’t really want to see or have in our home and we want to share it with as many people who have the same feelings we have.

Plus, if you sign up with our personal link below we get some movie credits, which we wouldn’t complain about at all, and then share your link with your friends who are sick of bad language and intense violence!


Enjoy, and you can thank me later 🙂

Pregnancy #2

Being pregnant for the second time (and I plan on having more) is an eye opening experience. For me, I figured last pregnancy with all the research I had done, that this pregnancy was going to be a breeze! Man, have I learned…


I was nervous being pregnant with a toddler. I was unsure how that was going to play out since with the first I had to look out for me and my hubby, who could take care of himself. But having another peraon rely on you as you’re growing a baby is a totally different story.

I have come to learn to play when I feel good, that it’s ok to have the house a mess at the end of a icky day and that my husband and son are incredible supports through it all.

For example, William (my son) has become the most loving sweet child to me. On my icky-er days he lets me sleep more, doesn’t ask for as much, and even cleans up after himself with some guidance from me. He will snuggle with me more and makes sure that I’m eating (more like he’s eating constantly but it reminds me to eat!). On my better days he helps me clean the house (which sometimes become more work) and enjoys play time when I feel up for it.

My husband has also been a blessing to me. He will run and get me the food that sounds so delicious at the moment (the healthiest kind he can find). Or if it is something unhealthy for me he’s really good at researching what I really need when I crave something. He has helped cook a lot as the smells and standing for extended periods of time have me become nauseous.  He has also cleaned!

Yesterday I was feeling kind of icky. I woke up feeling great and decided to take a bath. I stayed in the hot water too long and felt faint and sick. David made us our normal breakfast smoothies that morning as I couldn’t stand much after the bath. The rest of the day I couldn’t get over my nausea. William was so sweet all day and even gave me time to rest! That night there was a group of women from the stake going out for a girls night to see Cinderella. I was very excited to go see it and it gave David an excuse to not have to watch it with me. When I left, I was able to pick up the living room and dining room, but could not motivate myself to get in the kitchen. The smells were insanely strong and it had been over 4 days since it’s last deep cleaning. I felt bad that David was coming home to a nasty kitchen. When I returned home after the movie, to my surprise,  David had cleaned the kitchen! Dishes and all! I was so happy and felt so blessed!

David has surprised me multiple times since we found I was pregnant. I have been sicker than last time and have had a harder time to motivate myself to clean or do much that requires substantial amount of standing during the action. I have tried most of my last pregnancy secrets (such as eating almonds be for I go to sleep and after I wake up, and snacking constantly on healthy things) but few have seemed to help me. And some days are worse than others even when I do all that I can.

I LOVE being pregnant, but I hate the morning sickness. I am ready for it to be over. I am only 8 weeks have have another 4-6 weeks (hopefully) before the morning sickness subsides.

I am eternally grateful to my Father in Heaven for giving me such a beautiful family that is supporting me and helping me through this. I am also very blessed to be carrying this child of God. I am grateful that God sees it fit to give us another precious child to love a nd raise! I feel so blessed and loved by my husband and son.

I am excited to be a new mom again. I have been wanting this since I lost the last one. But this is in the Lord’s timing and I am grateful for it. I know He knows what is best for me and my little family. I will continue to keep you updated on the pregnancy! 🙂

“IN Love” Pillow


In my last post I talked about telling you my secret on how to create these beautiful things:


I’ve had a lot of people ask me how I did this. There are several other blogs on Pinterest that tell you how to do it. You can look there, OR be awesome and use my instructions!

I have to say, out of all the U.S. states, Indiana has the COOLest abbreviation for this project pillow. You can do this with other states of course, however I think the closest states that come to Indiana is Ohio (OH Love), Alabama (AL Love), Louisiana (LA Love), and my personal favorite (outside of Indiana of course) is Oklahoma (OK Love).If any of you decided to do this with any of those states, PLEASE send me a picture!! I want to see how they turn out!

Ok, enough with the abbreviations. This pillow case, in all took me about… 2 hours, if you don’t include all the drying of the paint. With the Sister Missionaries that came over to do this it only took us 4 hours. It’s not a long processes. and definitely not a hard process either. Just make sure that you use paint that is compliant with the fabric or use acrylic medium. Here is a really good blog that tells you how to turn acrylic paint into fabric paint.

To start off with, find a throw pillow that you would like to recover. I have found some really cheap throw pillows either at a local Thrift Shop or nearby garage sells. Luckily, my Mom previously gave me these pillows, since she had no use for them (as well as the fabulous fabric! Thanks Mom! You’re the best!). Anywho… Once you have selected your pillow

1. Start by measuring your pillow from seam to seam. Make sure you measure length and width. My pillow was 17 inches from seam to seam.


2. Measure and cut your choice of fabric by adding an inch (or if you want to play it safe add two inches). It is easiest to put one side of the pillow case on a fold in the fabric so you only have to sew three sides instead of four. Once you finish cutting pin two of the three sides (or if you were unable to use a fold, three of the four sides) you need to sew.


3. Sew the pinned sides together at 5/8th inch mark on your sewing machine.


4. Now, this may be a cheater way to do this, but go to Google and search for an outline of your state and print is as big as you want. Cut it out, and trace it on your fabric in whatever you have available. I used sharpie.


5. Now the easier part comes. Paint in the lines with the color of your choice!


6. This one may be a little harder to do. I was able to just look at the picture I found on Pinterest and draw it. If you are a little crafty impaired then you can make stencils by printing the lettering out then cut and trace.


7. Again, paint in the lines!


8. As you can tell, my lines aren’t that great. So to fix that, I used sharpie’s by outlining the lettering. I also did the Indiana shape.


Doesn’t look like much in the pictures, but I promise it does change the look of it.

9. This, in my opinion, is the hardest part. The last edge to sew. You can do it by hand and just fold over the edge, pin and sew. OR even cuter (and much easier) you can just fold over the edge, and add some ribbon to tie on the top of it. The end result is this:


The finished product:

20150210_183906 (1)

It looks so cute! And actually turned out really well!! I hope this helped you make some awesome pillows. Send me your pictures of yours.

Lately, I have felt extremely crafty! Let me tell you, I must have some decent talent! At least I think so… You can make your own opinion after you have seen my “master pieces”!

White I was decorating for Christmas I realized that I did not have enough decor to be in every room. It’s amazing what decorations seems to overflow from your two bedroom apartment but will only fill two rooms in a 4 bedroom home! Anyways, I decided to make a couple of things to vamp up my decor!

I love painting quotes. I love that look to me it just adds to a home. The one quote I got to painting this holiday season was from one of my favorites Christmas songs! Here is the finished project:


Then while searching Pinterest to find some more projects, I came across the perfect thing to add to my crafty christmas collection! It’s hard to explain in words, but it’s a Santa Claus  picture I just had to have. When looking it up, it was rather pricy! So instead of spending way too much money in my opinion, I would just make it. Here is what the finished project looks like:

10408760_10203116213764720_5100815101761728684_nIt looked perfect sitting there on my shelf, as you can tell. Once my house felt decorated with very festive crafts, I still had a craft itch that wasn’t completely scratched. I continued on to making clothes. I have heard that making clothes is hard, so I thought I would take a stab.

My favorite kind of skirts are those “hi-lo” skirts that are huge. If you, like me, have never heard of the term here is what they look like:

Criss-Cross Embellished Cami with Coral Skirt

I have this crazy obsession with them. To find one in the store means some serious dollar signs and high figures that I would rather spend some different project than one skirt. After watching some youtube videos I was pretty sure I could create my own. I had some fabric I had bought with my mom to make a skirt from. With this fabric, it needed to be a fantastic skirt, one that will turn heads, and I knew that would take some time to figure out. Five hours of hard labor later, I made my perfect skirt. Without further ado, my skirt:

20150203_085012 20150203_084959 20150203_084951 20150203_084937

The first day I wore this to church I was playing in the Christmas program. It was a perfect winter outfit.

Once finishing this skirt, I went on to make my sister-in-law a skirt, as well as my mother-in-law a skirt for Christmas. (Told you I was in a crafty mood!)

My crafting streak didn’t end there however. With this next project, you need a little bit of a background, so bear with me.

The first year of my husband and my marriage, I desperately wanted a picture from our wedding day hanging in our little apartment. I really wanted it to be large and stand out. To achieve this, I knew it would cost a pretty penny. Instead of paying that pretty penny, I decided to paint it instead. I hadn’t meddled in water color too much and wanted to try my hand at it. With black sharpie as the outline and shadow and water color to shade and create dimension, this is what it looked like at the end.

A really good friend of ours were married in late December of last year (2014) and we were invited to their reception. Now this is a good enough friend of ours that it didn’t seem right to just give them a “Mr. & Mrs.” picture frame. After some consideration, and knowing them as well, I came up with the idea to do similarly to what I did for my marriage picture. This time, being my second time, I had a little more confidence and knowledge going into it to make it just perfect. (Plus a fantastic husband that can look at a painting and let me know what needs to be fixed to make it better without hurting my feelings! He is a keeper alright!)

I had a canvas that is 20inx20in. I found the picture that I liked best (luckily they had taken and published their wedding photos previously to their reception) and I was able to then print out and then paint onto the canvas the photo. The way I have found best to do this is cutting the picture into little cubes and doing to the same to the canvas and drawing on the picture before painting, in other words the “grid” method. It works wonders. This particular piece only took me about 3 hours to finish. Here is what the finished product looks like:

I now want to do this for my wedding photo! I have also received a couple requests from others to do the same with their wedding photo/family photo. I loved the out come and will definitely be doing this from now on for friends wedding gifts.

My last craft the sister missionaries is my ward asked for me to help them with. They wanted to have something to hang in their home as a memorabilia from their mission. My husband was given the idea to have a flag from where he served his mission. He was given this flag before he left on his mission so he could get signatures from all those he wanted throughout his mission. A brilliant idea in my opinion. However, both of the sisters are now more than half way through their mission and this was not possible. So, as women normally do, we turned to Pinterest to give us some ideas.

It wasn’t too long of searching that we came across this:

They absolutely loved the pillow idea. Luckily, my mom had given my some throw pillows that I was unsure of what to do with, and decided this was the perfect thing to give the sisters to use. We set a date for them to come over (on their preparation day). It only took us about 4 hours to do. This is what theirs turned out to be:

It turned out so cute! I will be posting how to create them for my next post. It was really simple and so fun to do! I enjoyed crafting with them.

That would be my crafty two months in a nut shell. I really enjoy crafting. and if any of you have any questions please let me know! Enjoy the rest of your week!